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Ukraine 💛💙

                                                                                                                                                                             Manchester Central Library, UK. Photographer Credit: John Greenhalgh


As with so many people all over the world, our hearts are broken by the war and conflict in Ukraine. We, as humans, are still trying to process all that is going on and how we can support in the best way possible. We are hundreds of miles away from the devastation and being honest, we are unsure how best to help.


What we do know is that we support and stand by Ukraine during this terrible time and that we know we want to help. On behalf of our brand, we will be making a donation to charities that are supporting women, children and families affected by this crisis.

What you can do to help

We want to use our platform to help raise awareness and share advice on how you can support during this time too. If you are unsure on how you can support, here are a few things you can do;

1. Donate. As much or as little as you can to the numerous charities supporting on the ground in Ukraine and supporting Ukrainian refugees, such as: Sunflower of Peace,United Help Ukraine,Voices of Children andBritish Red Cross.

2.Stay informed and up to date The situation is rapidly changing and in times like these, it is crucial that the right information is being shared and consumed.

3.Find your nearest demonstration and join a peace protest.

We'll keep talking as humans, as a team, and as a brand to see how best we can help.

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