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We Love Fashion.... But not as much as Humanity.

We Love Fashion.... But not as much as Humanity.

We wanted to be open and honest and tell you all how we are feeling right now...
Our MERABI values are not about selling a dress or a jumpsuit.
Our MERABI values are about how the person feels, and right now more than ever that’s what’s most important. Because everyone is feeling a whole lot of up and down, rollercoaster emotions and we want to make our message very clear.

We are proud to say that as an established fashion brand, all of us here at NADINE MERABI are pulling together during this hard time and looking after each other. Our priorities as a brand are to stay at home, stay safe and protect the NHS and Emergency Services.

Right now isn’t about going out or buying dresses, nor is it about pushing sales, marketing campaigns or spam emails.
It simply isn’t important right now. Yes, our business is an online fashion brand, but this is much more than just a business to us. This is our family and our future.

All of our staff are currently at home where they should be. We are thankful such measures are in place to help us get through this crisis together.
We have maintained all of our supplier orders ensuring that they do not suffer through this and continue to work closely with them.

We are taking this time to slow down, to talk more, to listen, to reassess and to learn something new.
As a brand we want to encourage people to care more, share more and appreciate the wonderful life that you do have.

And when the time is right, when people are safe, fit & healthy, we will be back. Many of you have postponed birthdays, engagements, weddings and we aim to be right there with you celebrating life as we know it.

We cannot wait to show you all our new designs and rest assured, when that time will have a MERABI to wear and feel good in!

Until then, let’s keep talking & sharing. We would love to hear your thoughts, visions and how you are feeling.
We will be sharing more of us behind the scenes in the upcoming weeks and are working on ways that we can support all our MERABI girls through this, together!

Sending all our love,
Nadine & Team MERABI Xxx

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