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Nadine's wedding story

Nadine's wedding story

Nadine Merabi & Frank Ellis

"Just him and me...on a hill in Scotland...with the little red and white church in the background."

This will be a wedding season like no other.  No big parties or elaborate celebrations but small, more intimate ceremonies, and that’s no bad thing.
The “Mini-Mony” as it’s now being called, is going to be the “in” thing for weddings the foreseeable future and we think they are SO romantic. After all, weddings are about enduring love and forming an unbreakable bond and what better way to prove that bond than surviving a global pandemic together.  A story that will be told to future generations for years to come with plenty of opportunities to celebrate in the future.
This is what happened to Nadine, although not COVID-19 related, with her and Frank having a super intimate wedding instead - in secret!  They had a huge wedding planned in Majorca for June 2019 and everything was booked, however, in January the venue fell through, what a nightmare.  They tried to find another venue but nothing was quite right for what they wanted.
They didn’t know what to do, they were understandably so upset that the wedding had fallen through and they were not going to have the party they had planned in the June.  They had told people the date and spent the previous Christmas and New Year thinking “this time next year we’ll be married” but it wasn’t to be.   However, the more they thought about it the more they realised what they really wanted was to be married, above anything else and the party can wait.  What mattered is they could become husband and wife.

"I always thought I was going to have the big wedding with a huge party. That will still happen...but this day meant so much more to me. The fact that it was just us and it was about our love and our commitment to each other. This was the day I married my best friend."

Luckily, they had already planned to do the legal ceremony in April, ahead of the big party, at a small church in Scotland which was very dear to them and had a very special meaning to Frank.  It was an idyllic church on top of a hill and they were very selective about who could get married there.  So, in total secret (only immediate family were told), with no bridesmaids or groomsmen, only fifteen people (including three fishermen!) gathered to watch Nadine and Frank say “I do.”  Nadine wore a dress she had made herself (of course), simple, elegant and understated and she looked amazing.

"We had 15 guests in total. That included the Vicar and 3 Fishermen! It was so intimate and special and something I will never forget."

Looking back, they are so happy that they did this, it was so special and different to anything they had planned and goes to prove it’s not necessarily about a huge party, it’s about marrying the one you love and making those vows to each other.  

However, they are still planning a BIG PARTY to celebrate in 2021 with all of their friends and family.  Nadine has decided she's going big this time and has already planned three outfit changes and is guaranteeing a party no one will ever forget, so watch this space...

We wanted to share this story now as we know so many brides may feel disheartened with their plans changing but we wanted to show that a smaller ceremony can be so special and there's always something exciting to plan in the future.

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