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“My greatest joy is seeing women from all cultures, ages, shapes, and sizes, wearing my designs and making them look their very best.”

"I started sewing one night and didn’t finish until 3am – I was just so determined to complete a dress and so excited to wear my own design for the first time. After that I starting learning at home using online tutorials to hone my skills.

I love the satisfaction of working with my hands, feeling the fabric and seeing the designs come to life. Because I started by making every single dress myself, I know how to ensure my designs are delivered exactly the way I designed them."

The brand has grown rapidly and has gained a very loyal following and a huge global reach all over the world. From dressing clients to celebrities and influencers, Nadine still designs every single item in the range.

“I pride my gowns as staple, elegant, timeless pieces that can be worn all year round. A strong emphasis on quality and value leads my designs to be glamorous yet affordable.”


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